To know which size of GLOVES to choose, we need to know two measurements basically, the width and the length of our hand.

The main one is the width of the palm of the hand and the secondary, although not always indicated, is the length between the tip of the middle or middle finger and the junction of the palm with the wrist.

As for the uniformity of the sizing, it happens as with clothes, a garment of the same size can have different sizes depending on the manufacturers that make them.

In the case of the length of our GLOVES, those of size S have about 19 cms., Those of M have 20 cms. those of the L 23 cms. and those of the XL 25 cms. We always recommend using this measurement as a starting point, compared to the contour.

We advise to be guided by the width of the hand, since it is impossible for all the hands to follow an identical standard, and when in doubt, we believe that it is always better to go one size higher.

This table is for the 2.1 gloves, in the new 3.0 the measurements are included in the article file
Here we leave you a new table that we trust will serve as a clearer reference for our GLOVES. In any case, in the file of each glove on this website, a pdf is attached that can be printed to check which size fits our measurement:

Ancho 7,5 cm.  8 cm.  9 cm.  10 cm. 
Longitud (cms.) 19 20 23 25

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