To know what size of GLOVES you have to choose, we need to know two measures basically.


The main one is the outline of the palm of the hand and the secondary one, although not always indicated, is the length between the tip of the middle finger and the union of the palm with the wrist.

As for the uniformity of the size, it happens as with the clothes, a garment of the same size can have different sizes according to the manufacturers that make them.

Here we attach a small summary table with the measures that are supposed to be standard, made from a lot of tables that we have searched on the internet, where there are practically no two tables alike, although in the tab of each GLOVE of this web, it is attached A PDF that can be printed to fit more to our measure.

In the case of the length of our GLOVES, size S are about 18 cms., M are 19 cms., L 20 cms. And XL 21 cms. We always recommend using this measurement as a starting point, against the contour.

On the side of the contour, we have verified that the size S covers up to 20 cm, the M covers from 21 to 22 cm; The size L are for measures around the 22/23 cms and the XL come well for measures from the 24 cms. onwards.

As a tip, we believe that it is best to adjust the length of the hand without falling short, as over time the GLOVES are adjusted to your hands as far as the outline is concerned

Here we leave you a table that we hope will serve as a clearer reference of our GLOVES. Anyway, in the tab of each glove of this website, we attach a pdf that can be printed to check what size fits our measure:






Hasta 20 cms.

Sobre 22 cms.

Sobre 23 cms.

Desde 24 cms

Length (cms.)





As an example I will put my case, my hand has a contour of 22 cms. And a length up to the wrist of 18.5 cms.
The measure that fits me most is the M.

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