Each time, more teams of different modalities of virtual competition, contemplate the options of individualizing and distinguishing themselves through textile complements, for that reason we are going to expand our catalog, offering customization in garments such as technical shirts and other ...

Our technical shirts are fully customizable with your colors to go at all times combined with the design of your team.

For this we have designers who, with the contribution of your ideas, will help you create unique and highly personalized garments, with the possibility of printing different names on each garment of the team for each of the components of your team.

At the moment we offer the shirts that are commercially called techniques. Polyester fabric, widely used for the manufacture of sportswear. Very soft and pleasant fabrics are obtained with elastic qualities, fast drying and resistant to wear and discoloration.

The characteristics of the shirts are:


- Quick drying anti-odor fabrics XTREMFRESH

- Weight: 155 gr / m2

- Laser cutting completion

- Wide mobility pattern ERGOFIT

- Reflective in certain areas

An example with our shirt

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Variable prices depending on the quantity.

For the request of budgets do not hesitate to contact at: info@simdrive.es

Table to check sizes

With the help of this table, you can quickly check what your size is