From now on we will offer better prices depending on the quantity of units demanded and also new possibilities for equipment in our GLOVES.

  1. Possibility of personalizing with the team logo or any image on the back for quantities from 10 pairs of GLOVES

  2. Possibility of printing personalized names or nicknames (option with extra cost, one name on each glove, ie 2 "impressions")

These possibilities can be combined in any way, but knowing that for custom logos, the minimum is 7 pairs, and for names it is also advisable a minimum of 3 pairs of gloves.

That is, you can only put names on the gloves shown on the web, replace the usual print with a custom logo and the background color you want, or combine the two forms of personalization, so that personalization is even more individual.


For these options, although as indicated above are overpriced, we will offer a price escalation based on the number of units.

Due to special and custom orders, the conditions for purchase logically are also different.

Regarding the customization of the design for a group, being specific orders, the delivery time will be approximately one month for the manufacture of GLOVES, and if, in addition, the personalization of names is required, it will take 3 to 5 days plus.

In relation to the payment, it will be mandatory the payment of 100% when making the order, because this type of custom orders are not susceptible to use for anything or anyone else.

To obtain the price of the personalized combination, contact by mail:

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